Monday, July 11, 2011

What Perfume Are You? by Mabel White

Making your own perfume is actually very easy to do. The most important aspect will be what specific notes attracts your passion? List several perfumes or colognes you like. Chances are great that they will all possess teh same notes. For instance, when I listed out my several favorite scents they all contained orange blossom, musk, vanilla and lily of the valley. I do not like amber, so that explained why I never liked Tabu, Ciara and the like.
To discover what basic scents you are attracted to, look at this index:

So, when making perfume you may want to inspire off the classics. Learn what perfume notes you love by researching what notes are in designer scents you like. From there you can create perfume, room sprays and even blends to drop into your lotion or bath.  Join Deborah Dolen on for conversations about building your own perfumes.

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