Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Viruses of 2009 Swine Flu and H1N1 Considerations

A few years ago I studied natural angles regarding the Avian flu because I was worried about the birds of water in SW Florida. I had real flamingos, blue herons, families of pelicans and even Ospreys hanging out every day and countless other birds. Because they migrate it made sense the H1N1 would arrive soon it was just a matter of when. In 2005 I figured it could be 2007-2008 because SW is a major hot spot for European birds.
To make a long story short, my initial findings in a time period which lacked much data other than empirical data [actual reports] I could only find some light for the human aspect.

"It was reported any families in the third world countries picking and
handling herbs such as oregano, basil and thyme were not getting sick as their families were being far more affected."

I the decided the "Italian herbs" was the best way to remember this if I needed it for future reference.
As far as the birds, mother nature does have a certain law of selection. We cannot always save the birds, or unfortunately feed them Italian herbs to help. The big question will be when they start falling out of the sky, can us bird lovers handle them or do anything? That remains to be seen. This topic also lends itself to the swine flu. The same safe practices can be employed and can help reduce human exposure.

Wiping Everything Down with a High Proof Alcohol

As far as humans we can do more research on the Italian herbs and potential essential oil blends. I can tell you right now any of these essential oils would need to be diluted. I would add them to a 190 proof alcohol to make a solution that wipes down any commonly touched areas. I am positive that works because JUST using a very high proof alcohol stopped musical illness in our laboratory of people. Wiping down commonly touched areas helped so much no one has really been sick from a contagious disease since year 2006 in our laboratory. Now most of us travel with wipes when in public places. The alcohol must be dried to be effective. Doing this sucks the germs guts out is why it works. The higher the proof alcohol the faster it does dry, the more effective it is and the less it smells like alcohol. Any alcohol will work we just feel the higher proof the better. You can buy denatured or the brands Everclear or Mohawk from the liquor store. As far as adding any essential oil, add 50 drops total of any per 2 ounces of base-whether that be liquid soap, alcohol or however you plan to deliver it. Basil can be more burning than oregano, and thyme can have its problems with toxicity. I would do 40 drops oregano 5 drops of thyme and 5 drops of Basil if I were making a blend that was intended to be further diluted into a delivery system.
"Do not run out and buy expensive hand sanitizers when a high proof alcohol works far better and is far cheaper. Put it in a decorative bottle and mark it very well."
Wiping down with alcohol helps even with just your run of the mill autumn flu season and I feel far less expensive than running out an buying hand sanitizers. I personally believe it is far more effective also. If alcohol is too drying for your hands (and it usually is) add 10-20% vegetable glycerin to the alcohol when making hand sanitizers. If not that, keep a heavy hand creme near by.
I will update this as I read up more on the H1N1 and Swine Flu virus.
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