Monday, May 27, 2013

Deborah Dolen's New Book "Killer Handwriting" is out!

Deborah Dolen's Newest Book Memorial Day 2013 Launch

Following bestselling author Deborah Dolen?  Since Handwriting Analysis in Psychology is her bestselling book of 28, Deborah decided to update that book as well as write a novel sized gripping read about the handwriting of serial killers, vindictive killers [such as Jodi Arias] and your garden variety narcissist.  Handwriting is a forensic science and does revel where a person is at in their head-despite their smile or words spoken.  Killer Handwriting: Analysis, Traits and Stories of Narcissists and Killers.  Buy it today for the narcissist in your life. 

You can join Deborah Dolen on Deborah Dolen on Twitter or Good Reads.  

by Deborah Dolen

by Deborah Dolen

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black Cumin Oil by Deborah Dolen

Black Cumin Oil by Deborah Dolen Mabel White : Properties and Attributes

Black cumin oil, having the Latin name of “Nigella sativa” is also known as black caraway oil, but in the end – it is not black. Black cumin oil is highly regarded by many as a panacea and may therefore not be taken seriously by some, but for those inclined to dismiss folklore, it should be noted that these humble seeds have been found superior to almost every other natural remedy when used for autoimmune disorders, conditions in which patients suffer greatly because their own systems attack their bodies. I swear by Black Cumin oil, externally, in all of my skin cleansing recipes and I feel it is a major antioxidant as well as unparallel to any other oil in energy and synergy. It smells very crisp, and fresh, like carrot seed oil if you have ever had the good fortune to smell carrot seed oil. I am familiar with just about any oil or essential oil known to man and Black Cumin Oil is tops in my book. Red Rapsberry Seed oil is also excellent, internally and externally-but so palatable, Chefs constantly are seeking red raspberry seed oil which keeps the price extremely high.

Black cumin, especially when combined with garlic, is regarded as a harmonizer of the imbalance which allows immune cells to destroy healthy cells. The technical language to describe this property is "immunomodulatory action." The difference between black cumin and interferon is that there are no known side effects with black cumin when administered in normal dosages. The saying goes that the beauty of black cumin is their capacity to restore harmony.
The most dramatic results are achieved with asthma and allergies. These respond relatively quickly unless there is infection, in which case, the infection needs to be eliminated before the symptoms of immune weakness subside. Continued use for six months or longer tends to give outstanding results. For extreme fatigue, consider mixing some crushed seeds with some royal jelly.

In the 13th century, the Arabic physician Ibn Kaym claimed black caraway could be used for over 50 ailments such as Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory tract. Also inflammation reduction, Arthritis relief, correction of digestive disorders, constipation relief, fighting parasitic infestations, detoxification and strengthening of the liver, increased energy and general good health are among the many benefits from using black caraway.

At the 71st annual meeting of the federation of American societies for experimental biology, a report was issued supporting some of the medicinal claims of Black Caraway. Some medicinal response may be attributed to the increase of immune enhancing T cells. This may support the black caraway’s role in balancing and strengthening the immune system. We love to use it in our facial cleansing milks.

Deborah Dolen is also known as author Mabel White. Mabel White is Deborah Dolen's pen name for a decade and counting. Deborah Dolen is an author who lives in Bradenton, Florida.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What Perfume Are You? by Mabel White

Making your own perfume is actually very easy to do. The most important aspect will be what specific notes attracts your passion? List several perfumes or colognes you like. Chances are great that they will all possess teh same notes. For instance, when I listed out my several favorite scents they all contained orange blossom, musk, vanilla and lily of the valley. I do not like amber, so that explained why I never liked Tabu, Ciara and the like.
To discover what basic scents you are attracted to, look at this index:

So, when making perfume you may want to inspire off the classics. Learn what perfume notes you love by researching what notes are in designer scents you like. From there you can create perfume, room sprays and even blends to drop into your lotion or bath.  Join Deborah Dolen on for conversations about building your own perfumes.

Photo of Author Deborah Dolen

SOURCE from Mabel Diy


Aromatherapy Basics by Bestselling author Deborah Dolen is available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making Lip Scrubs with Sugar - Sugar Lips ©

Making Lip Scrubs with Sugar - Sugar Lips © by Mabel DIY

Making your own lip scrub is easy, you are basically making a paste using super fine sugar and oil or vegetable glycerin. Superfine sugar can be purchased in the bar tending section of your grocery store, to make your own lip scrub, as well as Safflower oil which is naturally high in vitamin e. You do not need a preservative when you are working with oil based products or vegetable glycerin. Vegetable Glycerin is water based, but is so high in natural alcohol, it also does not need a presevative when making a lip scrub with it. It will not mix with oil, so make your choice between the two. The only way lip scrub can go bad is just over time, oil based products can go rancid. That just means store your lip scrubs in a cool dark place and they should last a year or two. Because lip scrubs can "clump" after a few months, it is probably best to make them "fresh" as you need it. I have never figured out a way to stop clumping.

Why Not Salt?

If I ever said salt, and I did in my earlier work, I apologize. Salt will work in a jam, and again, you need no presevatives. But salt tastes yukky and dries out the lips. Sugar is so pleasing I call my formula "Sugar Lips." Neat flavor ideas include "Rose Petal," "Lemon Drops" or "Honey." You can get these oil based flavors at "sources" below in this article. Water based flavors will not work in oil based mediums, and extracts are water based, as well as not true professional flavor.

If you are going to use vegetable glycerin to make your paste, which is a great humectant, you will need a professional water based flavor for your formula. Oils will just float on top. You do not have to have flavor, you can make it plain. Professional Water based flavors can also be purchased through the vendors below. When making any body care product, even lotion or body butters, I just use professional flavors because they smell great and are safer than the standard fragrance oils-which have far less regulation as to what is in them.

After Scrub Healing Salve Recipe © Mabel DIY

When you are exfoliating your lips, you are not only sloughing away dead skins, cells, and increasing ciruclation, you are also making your lips raw. Because of that a healing type "after" scrub salve should be used. I love lanolin and emu oil, as they are the most healing oils I know, along with vitamin e. Vegans may not like lanolin or emu, and for vegans, castor oil and vitamin e would be acceptable and effective.
Makes 5 Ounces of Lip Healing Salve
2 Ounces Lanolin
1 Ounce of Emu Oil
1 ounce of Vitaim e Oil
1 ounce of beeswax
2 Drops of Flavor oil (optional)
Heat together in a small crock pot or ancor hocking measuring cup in the microwave. If using a microwave figure 4 minutes until everthing is metled. Keep an eye on it and wear mitts. Pour into heat resistent containers such as tins or jars.

Lip Plumping Recipe

I have something to say about lip plumping products and why I am indexing this "recipe." Just drink a lot of water and that is the best way to rehydrate your lips. Often we do not drink enough water. Your lips cannot plump anyway without water-even when using products for plumping. Plus, we tend to ingest our lip products, so really examine any ingredients you see listed when buying any lip plumping products. Teens are the biggest buyers and why I think drinking loads of good old fashioned water is good enough. Teens can get carried away with self perception and think they must have plumped lips to be beautiful. This is not true, and to spend upwards of $70 on something needless, well, it can be spent in better areas. If it is a special event, [I know] I may use a natural known "irritant" on my own lips, which is good oil cinnamon oil. Even cinnamon oil I will dilute times ten, with carrier oil because it will burn any skin if put straight on and eyes too. And no, I would never sell the preparation.

© RePrint permissions: You can re-print any of my work on your web page as long as I get credit and a link is offered to this actual page.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mabel White's Hashbrown Cassarole Recipe

I recently posted Turkey Brine Blend, Corn Casserole recipe, and how to make your own Cran Raspberry Jelly...but the most coveted recipe I am posting is the "Hash brown Casserole recipe." It is a year round favorite recipe acceptable at any time of day. You can add to this recipe, such as cooked sausage, bacon and/or ham. The true secret seems to be the cream of chicken soup. I have not tried rice as a substitute for the shredded potatoes but I will very soon. This is also the dish I like to make for busy people. I use a food processor to just shred a bag of potatoes quickly as well as block Colby jack cheese. I tend to use thin skinned potatoes if I do not feel like peeling them - meaning I just leave the nutrients on.

1 Cup of Onions Sautéed
2 Pounds of shredded potatoes (frozen is fine)
2 - 10 ounce cans cream of chicken soup
8 ounces shredded Colby jack cheese

Sdalt & Pepper

Grease an 8" by 12" pan. Mix everything together. Bake 40 minutes at 400 degrees.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mabel White now on Amazon's Whispernet

The Mabel White series, written by author Deborah Dolen is now on Amazon's Kindle Whispernet DPT platform. DPT is short for digital text platform. Click here to see the Mabel White Amazon page created for the author. The first of 27 DIY books offered on Amazon's Kindle was the two most popular The Bathroom Chemist and The Self Apothecary.

The ever popular Mabel White's Christmas was offered on Amazon Kindle the first week of October 2010. In case you missed them, here are some free recipes from the book excerpts;

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Easy Dip Mix Recipe for Autumn 2010 by Deborah Dolen

Many people love dip mixes because they feel they are "cooking." I say that with a big smile on my face because perhaps they are. I look at dip mixes in an abstract way. Basically throwing a few spices in sour cream, giving them a spin with a spoon - grabbing decent crackers and the meal is ready. Meal? Sure. I am an author. Dip mix and cold coffee can constitute a meal for two days if need be.

Dip Mixes are easy to prepare and they are also just wonderful as gifts. In my Kitchen Art's Book coming out on Amazon's Kindle (Whispernet platform) in mid October of 2010, I list hundreds of recipes to make as gifts. I think Kindle is great because the Kindle tablet can be in the kitchen and the recipe right there without pages flipping all over. I do use a plastic slip cover over my Kindle because batter does go flying around in my kitchen.

Dip Mixes are so easy to make the only real issue to contemplate is the packaging. Little glass shakers and bottles can be secured at most Dollar Stores, and the giver can simply tie card with a piece of raffia around the neck. I create cute cards from a business card, folded in half and punch a hole in it to secure the card with the raffia. You will need to figure out how much your basic recipe weighs and then how many servings are in your final container. It is better to make the recipe for one use because spices tend to settle and it would be hard to divide the gift to make two servings.

Beyond little shaker bottles, spices are very easy to get at the dollar store also. I feel they are the best value. And just so you know, dried parsley really does look like spinach when allowed to sit over night, so a definite consideration when making a bacon-spinach type dip. All variations of my dip mix recipe taste far better when allowed to rehydrate in the sour cream base, such as in the fridge over night.

So here is my basic recipe for dip mix that you can amend to make your dip mix as you like:

Mabel White’s Basic Dip Mix Recipe
Copyright Deborah Dolen Kitchen Art's

Per Pound of Dip (Sour Cream, Cream Cheese or both)

1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp parsley
1 tsp onion powder
1 tap paprika
1 tsp chives
2 tsps salt

Finely grind the ingredient and add natural or artificial flavors if you want at about 1 tsp or to taste. This recipe is designed to go into 16 ounces of sour cream and/or warm cream cheese. Variations can include Clams, Dill, Green Chile spice, Cajun, or even complimented with real avocado or bacon. I prefer the mildest chili peppers for color.